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i king

64 works in progress
acrylic on canvas
min 50 x 70 h, max 100 x 150 h
Sant'Albano Stura, 2012-2020

I KING (I CHING) is the ancient Chinese
Book of Changes, used as oracle
from over two millennia.

It deals with a dynamic representation
of the reality in which true knowledge
emerges, more than from situations
in themselves, from the laws that govern
their constant transformation.

Different circumstances are represented
by 64 hexagrams,
that are all combinations of 6 lines,
either whole (the masculine principle, Yang)
or broken (the female principle, Yin).

If we consider the broken line as 0
and that whole one as 1,
it anticipates the binary numeration
commonly used today by computers,
as well as the principles of Combinatorics:
2 possibilities (whole or broken)
power of the number of lines corresponds
to the number of combinations,
2^6 = 64 hexagrams.

It finally constituted a key contribution
to modern psychology
(particular in Jungian psychology),
in defining the concept of synchronicity.

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