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Lucio Maria Morra was born in 1952 in Fossano (Italy).

He studies Mathematics at the University in Turin.

In 1976 he undertakes the path of Art and the painter profession.

In 1977 he moves to Brazil, where he resides until 1983.

Since 1977 to 1980 he works in close cooperation with the painter Luiz Hamen in Santos, developing an intense silkscreen activity.

Returned in Italy, he lives permanently in Province of Cuneo.

His prolific and multifaceted production within figurative arts has continuously been integrated by a substantial activity of study and cultural promotion.

From this versatile prerogative his interest in Gnomonics, the art of sundials, rises up in 1984, becoming his principal professional activity in 1986.

In 2012 he decides unwaveringly to bring his free pictorial production to foreground again.

Beyond the professional dimension, he has always interpreted his own artistic path mostly as an internal path.

Since 1998 he is a Buddhist monk in Zen tradition, person in charge of the Dojo Zen Sanrin in Fossano.